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I Finished Another Quilt… Much Like Katnis Everdeen, I’m On Fire

Busy, Busy, Busy, I’ve been very busy. I currently have the embroidery machine running some Zelda Towels that I have to mail out tomorrow. Then another embroidery project for tomorrow. It is that time of the season, and there is no rest for the wicked. This quilt is for a friend’s Grandmother, and I just hope she loves it. I added some blooming bias to the rail fence blocks, so when she washes it she’ll be in for a surprise. What do you all think?

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Rail-Fence Wtih Blooming Bias Is Taking Shape

I finally got around to taking the blocks and putting them together! I swear, going over it twice with the tiny stitches for the blooming bias takes forever, but it is well worth it! I’ve already got a few more rows on, so I’ll add pictures later!

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