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Just Some Recent Quilts because I Haven’t Forgotten How To Sew Yet

Just wanted to share some pieces I’ve had on the backburner. I almost forgot I had this blog. It’s been a crazy 2 years. Hopefully After the Holidays I’ll get back on it.

Working On My Latest Crazy Quilt

I finally got back to work on this beautiful piece of color atrocity! I just love it! It is just so bright and annoying! I’m not sure how large I am going to make it, but I’m thinking I’ll make it a larger size throw quilt. Maybe 70″ by 70″. Just a thought! I’ve still got to add a few more embellishments to it. Any idea what else I can add to it?

Made Some Progress On Carzy Quilt #3

I was up late last night working on this tedious beautiful quilt. I love doing crazy quilts, but they take so long to do! I mean, I can work around the puckering of the fabric because of the decorative stitches, but the rub is doing all of these decorative stitches. It is a nice way to use up some thread I didn’t have enough of to do whole projects with at least. At least it is great for mindless sewing work to watch TV during! Speaking of TV, did anyone watch this week’s True Blood??? I think it is starting to get good, and it is about time!

Working On My Third Crazy Quilt

I’m spending my day off working on my crazy quilt for the class I am teaching. I’m currently adding in different strips of color to add size and to add some variety of the rainbow to it. I’m really glad I added that gold to it, it really makes it pop quite a bit! Now to cut and sew in all different directions for the rest of the afternoon! Wish me luck! Maybe I’ll take a break an make a throw pillow at some point!

I Am Officially Done With Crazy Quilt Number 2!

I did it! It’s all done! Took me quite a while, but It is all done, and I already gave it to my boss as a birthday present! It is only a couple of months late, but oh well. Crafters and sewists who give gifts understand. I mean, I still have my one cousin’s wedding present to finish quilting, and it has only been a year or so… maybe 2 years, but who is counting! Not me! I just love crazy quilts! I cannot wait to work on my new one. It’s going to be greens, purples, and browns! I’m just so excited! I did tons of free motions work, and lots of embroideries! I’m just really stoked about the way it turned out! I used a red binding to make it pop, and a blur background to be ironic! What does everyone think?

Even Though I Am On Hiatus… Crazy Quilt 3

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it is the start of another crazy quilt. Even though I am taking a break from sewing, I cannot stop all together. I work for a sewing machine shop, so I had a crazy quilt class to teach, and I started work on this! I’m pretty excited that I don;t have to do anything else to it for a month. Haha. I’m doing it with the class, so I can take a break between now and the next class! However, I am excited to see how it turns out! I’m just using up a lot of scraps and some older fat quarters! Wish me luck!

If you’re close to the Northwest Indiana Area, you can still sign up for the class! I’m doing a makeup class later this month for the first class. Then it is once a month for the next 3 months! Let me know if anyone wants to sign up! I still have room!

Started Quilting My Second Crazy Quilt

I started the quilting on my second crazy quilt last night! I have it all pinned and started to stipple the borders. I’m going to do some fun asymmetrical quilting in each of the blocks just to add some depth. Then I’ll just quilt around the embroideries so they pop out looking three dimensional. I can;t wait to tech the class on how to make one of these at the shop I work at! It starts Wednesday if anyone wants to sign up!

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