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Spinning Squares Quilt Is Quilter… Now To Bind It

I know this took me forever, but after being sick there is just so much to catch up on. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in it, and that bomb was filled with scraps of fabric, paper, and all sorts of sewing accoutrements. Hopefully I’ll be able to bind it, and launder it today, so it can be shipped out on Friday. I’m still trying to decide on whether to use one of the colors from inside the blocks, or to use the purple I used for sashing… Decisions, decisions… I’ll also be posting this design to my Etsy Page sometime in the near future. Wish me luck!

I Am Officially Done With Crazy Quilt Number 2!

I did it! It’s all done! Took me quite a while, but It is all done, and I already gave it to my boss as a birthday present! It is only a couple of months late, but oh well. Crafters and sewists who give gifts understand. I mean, I still have my one cousin’s wedding present to finish quilting, and it has only been a year or so… maybe 2 years, but who is counting! Not me! I just love crazy quilts! I cannot wait to work on my new one. It’s going to be greens, purples, and browns! I’m just so excited! I did tons of free motions work, and lots of embroideries! I’m just really stoked about the way it turned out! I used a red binding to make it pop, and a blur background to be ironic! What does everyone think?

Binding The Bargello Table Runner

I said I was going to be productive and here I am trying my hardest! I just started the binding on my table runner, but now I have to leave to go to a doctor’s appointment, but when I come back, I’m going to finish the binding and then start on my next quilt! I promise! I cannot wait to put this on my dresser! First, I’ll have to clean my dresser! Then some yard work too. Busy buys busy! No rest for the wicked! Wish me luck on my productive day off!

Crazy Quilt: Put On A Binding

I put on a binding! I’m not completely done with the quilting, but I wanted to pick out a binding. I just have about 2 more hours of work to do on it, and then I can call it a day! Well, not quite. I still have to do the buttons! I’ve got about 4 more hours of work to do on this, but then it will be done, and I can start on the next one! I’m really excited!

Final Fantasy Quilt: All Done

I did it! I quilted and bound it! I ended up using a stipple, and before nerds attack me for it, let me explain why. A lot of people told me to stitch in the ditch to keep the blockiness of it, but I did the stipple because I think when they first made the character for the video game, they didn’t intend for him to look pixelated. They wanted him to look like something that was curved and didn’t have corners, so love it or hate it, that was my logic. I love the way it turned out. I ended up using a bright blue tonal binding because I thought it really framed it and brought out the colors from the inside. Anyone have any constructive criticism? I also just uploaded it to my Etsy Shop! (Click Here)

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Equality Quilt: It’s Done!

It’s all done! I just have to wash it! I’m so excited to mail it out! I ended up going with a batik binding that is florescent green, yellow, and pink. I love the way it turned out! I cannot wait to throw it in the washer, and then the dryer. Quilts always look so much better once washed! I cannot wait for the buyer to get it! I know he will love it!

I Finished The Quilt For The Craft Show!

In the wee hours of morning I arose from my work bench triumphant! I finished the quilt and put the binding on it! I love it! I’m sad it is just a small sampler quilt for the craft shows I am going to be in, but I like it anyways! The quilting technique changes in almost every block just to show people what I can do, and how I can work with designs! It was my first stab at free motion quilting, and I liked the way it turned out! I hope everyone else likes it too! I was going to post it this morning, but I over slept and was almost late for work. Whoops!


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Finished The Etsy Zelda Quilt

After a week and a half of slaving over a hot sewing machine, I have managed to make this gorgeous quilt! I really hope the customer likes it! I went with blacks, greys, and charcoals to make the background and then golds and yellows for the Triforce and bird. I finished quilting it early this morning, but then had to run to work and then did some more work at a coffee shop with a crafting friend. I am tuckered out! So, here is the beautiful quilt!


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