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I Finished The Quilt For The Craft Show!

In the wee hours of morning I arose from my work bench triumphant! I finished the quilt and put the binding on it! I love it! I’m sad it is just a small sampler quilt for the craft shows I am going to be in, but I like it anyways! The quilting technique changes in almost every block just to show people what I can do, and how I can work with designs! It was my first stab at free motion quilting, and I liked the way it turned out! I hope everyone else likes it too! I was going to post it this morning, but I over slept and was almost late for work. Whoops!


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My Dad Got His Quilt!!!

My Dad finally got his Quilt this morning! He was elated! He was quite happy to get his quilt. It was pretty rewarding for me to see him get that happy! I gave it to him as I was leaving for the weekend to go and visit a friend. It’s pleasant to know that while I’m gone, he will be thinking of me as he gets under his lap quilt! I’m really excited for him to use it!

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Christmas Scrap Quilt Update

Since I had to go to work today, which at least was nice exercise, I didn’t get to sew yet today. I think a craft a day keeps the doctor away, so I should be set for a while anyways. I did get quite a bit of work done last night, and I am quite pleased with it so far. I hope to finish the top either today or tomorrow, so we’ll see. I would really like to get this done soon, so I can use up all of those scraps from my other projects and move onto something else, and I want to give to my Dad as soon as possible!

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