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Here’s A Teaser Of What I’m Working On


I started a new project and here it is! I’ll post more pictures tomorrow when I have a bit more of it done! Wish me luck!

I Need A Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute!

My Machine made it home. I have decided to name my Ruby Royale…. “Rubeus Hagrid”. I was in a Harry Potter mood… Don’t judge me… I helped a friend with her Halloween costume Friday night, and now tonight I am making snow flake ornaments for my Christmas Tree. I really don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do love a good Christmas tree! I’m making them in metallic and variegated thread. What do you guys and gals think? Any other suggestions for lace ornaments? Anyone try any other thread?

I Found This Small Pieced Top…

About 6 months ago, I bought a box full of fabric from a woman who gave up quilting because her arthritis was bothering her too much. In this box was about 40 yards of fabric, all about half yard cuts, and some scraps, and a few larger pieces. I also found this. (The picture below is after I did some minor quilting on it.) It sat in a tote in my closet, but today I dug it out, and I finished it. I just stitched in the ditch and stitching around the snow globe, but I feel that doing that was all this little table topper needed. I like the way it turned out, and I’m sure someone will like it!


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I Finished The Quilt For The Craft Show!

In the wee hours of morning I arose from my work bench triumphant! I finished the quilt and put the binding on it! I love it! I’m sad it is just a small sampler quilt for the craft shows I am going to be in, but I like it anyways! The quilting technique changes in almost every block just to show people what I can do, and how I can work with designs! It was my first stab at free motion quilting, and I liked the way it turned out! I hope everyone else likes it too! I was going to post it this morning, but I over slept and was almost late for work. Whoops!


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