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I’m Working On A Blooming 9-Patch

I’ve been sewing away on this, and I thought I would post some pictures. I’m doing a white and red Blooming 9-patch and I wanted to give it a random chaotic kind of scrappy feel, so I mashed up a bunch of red fabrics I had. I think it is turning out just marvelous! Hopefully I’ll have the top finished by Saturday, and then I can quilt it Sunday. Wish me luck!

Logn Story Short: I’m Breaking The Scale


So, as everyone knows (because I blogged about it before) I got Bell’s Palsy. It was quite the wake up call! I literally thought it was a stroke. I was so worried, and I had an epiphany: I need to lose some weight.

As all of my sewing friends know: sewing is not a very physical activity. I mean, there is some bending and what not, but I need to make a serious effort to be active. I started going to the gym three times a week, and in the past month, I dropped 15 pounds. I’ve got a long way to go (100 more lbs), but it’s a start.

Anyways, the point is, I haven’t done as much sewing as I could be, because I’ve been working out and there just are a finite amount of hours in the day. I’ve been sewing some, as I’ve got a lot of commissions, but I had to slow down on the blogging. I hope all my readers can bear with me while I get my health on track. I’ll try to post more of my projects, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do it every day! I promise I’ll try! Wish me luck!

Embroidered Feathers Pillow

I made a gorgeous pillow. I even used piping! That was a new experience for me, but I think it turned out well! Maybe I should do a tutorial on piping? It’s kind of confusing if you’ve never done it before. Anyways, I embroidered this pillow. It’s an Anita Goodesign from February. I think it turned out very well!

Legends of Hollywood Quilt


My shoulder is still bothering me, so I’m keeping actual sewing to a minimum, but I’ve been playing with embroidery a lot! I started working on this Legends of Hollywood quilt. I digitized the designs myself, and I’m still debating if it should by 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 blocks. If I do 4 by 4, I’ll need a few more Legends to digitize! Any suggestions?

Just Added More Designs – Batman, Superman, Zelda, and More

I’ve been working all Holiday Weekend! Now I have a couple of more designs finished, and even more to still stitch out! Wish me luck! I made all the designs fit a 100 by 100 hoop! I did it for those of us with machines that only take a 100 by 100 hoop! In fact, I think I’m buying one of these once I sell a few designs.

Batman vs Superman

Batman Logo

Zelda Logo

Batman Heart Logo


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