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I’m Working On A Blooming 9-Patch

I’ve been sewing away on this, and I thought I would post some pictures. I’m doing a white and red Blooming 9-patch and I wanted to give it a random chaotic kind of scrappy feel, so I mashed up a bunch of red fabrics I had. I think it is turning out just marvelous! Hopefully I’ll have the top finished by Saturday, and then I can quilt it Sunday. Wish me luck!

Sorry I’ve Been MIA Today

Sorry I haven’t been active today! I’ve just been cleaning up my house and organizing the kitchen, and then I spent some quality time with my Roommate and her daughter. So that was nice, but I haven’t sewn anything. Later tonight, in the wee hours of morning, I’m thinking about quilting this top tonight as a surprise for the roommate! I hope she’ll like it!

I’m using burgundy thread and I’m not sure the quilting method I’ll use, but I’ll figure something out!


Shattered Glass

Everyone remembers the nameless quilt, right? Well, as of right now it is no longer nameless. I have decided to call it “Shattered Glass”

Now everyone can see where it started out at, and how it ended up. It was quite a transformation and it did take some thinking, but I made this quilt look darn sexy! The real reason I changed it was because the person it was for didn’t seem too enthused when I showed it to her. She liked it and all, but there was no WOW factor and I could see she was hoping for one. It took some time, but I decided I couldn’t give her a boring quilt. It had to be WOW! I took time thinking about all of the things I could do to it, and then it hit me to take the border inside the quilt top and make it part of the quilt, and so that is exactly what I did. It took some time to figure out how I was going to do that, and I just decided to go for Random and fun, and sure enough it worked out! I sure am glad it worked out, I had quite a bit of anxiety about cutting into a quilt top I had made, but now everything is the better for it!

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