Shattered Glass

Everyone remembers the nameless quilt, right? Well, as of right now it is no longer nameless. I have decided to call it “Shattered Glass”

Now everyone can see where it started out at, and how it ended up. It was quite a transformation and it did take some thinking, but I made this quilt look darn sexy! The real reason I changed it was because the person it was for didn’t seem too enthused when I showed it to her. She liked it and all, but there was no WOW factor and I could see she was hoping for one. It took some time, but I decided I couldn’t give her a boring quilt. It had to be WOW! I took time thinking about all of the things I could do to it, and then it hit me to take the border inside the quilt top and make it part of the quilt, and so that is exactly what I did. It took some time to figure out how I was going to do that, and I just decided to go for Random and fun, and sure enough it worked out! I sure am glad it worked out, I had quite a bit of anxiety about cutting into a quilt top I had made, but now everything is the better for it!

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