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Secret Project Post #2

The Pieces have finally begun to come together. This makes me so happy, last night I felt so unmotivated by this quilt. Now after seeing it with a little more work put in, I am beyond thrilled by it. Still working on a name for it though. Maybe: Frozen Star Collides with a Sea of Blood.

Like I said the name is still a work in progress. Although for some reason, I’m really in the mood for some spring rolls now, so I shall take a break and see if I have the stuff to make some spring rolls, and if not… Then Ramen it is!

The Secret Project

Here is the beginning.  This is my new piece I am working on. I’m thinking about calling it “Frozen Star Explodes in Sea of Blood”, but I fear that may sound to morbid. I think maybe once it is done, I will post the mock-up I made of it in paint, when I was working with pattern ideas. The white balance is of in the photo, it is pretty dark in the basement and the brighter I try to make it, the worse the color appears. Oh Well. I am very excited though.

The down side to this quilt is the blue scattering. It is pretty random, so a lot more small piecing must take place for the quilt, which as we all know, is very time consuming. My goal tonight was to have everything laid out on the ground, and everything cut, and placed, but I’ll have to settle for everything being cut. I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to finish the placement tonight, but who knows. If I do make some progress I will post more pictures!

Blue Star Quilt

So this quilt I have been slaving over a hot iron, and a slightly less hot sewing machine for all morning and afternoon is starting to come together. The colors I chose were Black with stars, Blue, and Dark Red prints. I still can’t share the design but I do have some pictures of me working on it!

Here is the fabric selection:

Click Below to see more pictures!

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