Pick Museum at NIU: Quilts And Human Rights

11 Aug

Quilt Social Media

I’ve got amazing news! The Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at The Pick Museum of Anthropology has decided to use my quilt for their publicity for the show! I’m so excited! I’m about to run to work, but I’ll type something awesome up about it later! I just wanted to brag really quickly.





‘Survivors 2003’ by Aniko Feher

6 Aug


As I’ve blathered on about before, I have a quilt going to the Pick Museum of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University. With my quilt are quite a few amazing ones that really stand out! Today I’m showing off Aniko Feher’s quilt, titled ‘Survivors 2003, and after I even got to ask her a couple of questions! Follow the jump! Continue reading

I’m A BadAss! Like, Seriously BadAss!

27 Jul


I’ve become an Ambassador for the BadAss Quilters Society!

What does that mean???

I’m not sure, but I get to write articles for the BadAss Quilters Society, so that’s pretty cool! I get talk to fellow quilting badasses, and be awesome all the damn time! In fact, I’ll be writing my first article tonight!

Wish me luck!

Quite A Bit Going On…

27 Jul


I know I have been MIA again. My day job is getting busy, and I’ve got so many commissions, it’s ridiculous. However, I do have some fun news to report! My Quilt for Equality is on the NIU Museum of Anthropology’s website! (Click Here) The exhibit opens September 5th, and I’m very excited for it! It’s a 2 hour drive, but I’ll definitely make it up there a couple of times.

I’ve also been working on my quilt for Anthems 2017, and now I’m making a second quilt for the show to focus on Trumps feelings on transgendered people in the military… I have to order more fabric!

Other than that, life is just full of general debauchery. Maybe I’ll post a picture of what I have so far for Anthems.

Wish me luck!

Gone But Not Forgotten

14 Jul

Sorry I have been gone for so long. I have some amazing things coming up, but can’t quite talk about them yet. I’ve been working on my Anthems quilt(s). Embroidering a few towels for customers. Going to work conventions for my day job…

It’s been a long week and a half, but I’ll have time to catch up this weekend! Looking forward to sharing more with all of you guys out there!

Wish me luck!

Made Some Textured Fabric

4 Jul


When you can’t find any textured fabric for your next art quilt, go make some! Well, obviously I cheated and used the industrial knit machines at work. I just needed something to add some texture to my anthems quilt! Wish me luck!

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Started Work On My Anthems Quilt

27 Jun


It’s getting wild in my sewing room! I have so many projects and only so many machines. Someone please buy me another Viking ruby so I can get more work done. I don’t know where I would put it, but I would figure it out. Anyways, I’ve been pounding some embroidery out for this quilt, and it’s going… where? I’m not sure, but it is going somewhere! I’m getting some of the more decorative stuff done during the week, after work, so Sunday I can sit down and pound out the quilt top. I can tell you my anthem for quilt is Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill. Wish me luck!

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