Earth Intruders!

4 Dec

The latest art quilt in my sewing room is called “Earth Intruders”. I’m not sure how it will look once it is finished, but I know it will be fun!  I already did the applique stitches, and now I just need to do more thread painting. Then the last part is the raining fire! Wish me luck!

I’ve Been Neglectful!

4 Dec


And I apologize! I’ve been working at my new job so much, I had to put blogging and creating on the back burner. Never Fear! I have been still been sewing and creating, but just not as much as I would like to. I’ve been super creative at work, designing hats and scarves and then knitting them out on the machines. So my creativity is satisfied, but I still want to do more! I finally cracked down on myself, turned off Netflix, and got to sewing. I finished this top, and I feel marvelous!

Today I’ll be breaking out my new Kitchenaid, making a cake, getting my oil changed, and then I’ll be quilting tonight! I promise to keep everyone updated, and I’ll post some of my sewing projects from last month that never made it online. This quilt is made with hand dyed fabric. The black was commercial, but everything else was hand dyed with natural dyes out of her yard. Wish me luck!

New Baby Quilt Almost Done

20 Nov

I’ve been really busy on my day off: adding the Zelda scarves to Etsy, putting my new grill together, and now I started piecing this quilt! I love it! It’s so saturated and lively! Now I’m going to add a smokey lavender sashing to it, and add some pink ruffles around the edge! Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week! Wish me luck!

Zelda Scarves!

20 Nov

I have so much to tell you all about; it has been a crazy week. Work has been insane, but at the same time, I really don’t mind it! I get to play with fancy textile equipment all day every day! Who could complain about that? One thing I have been doing after work is playing with the machines! I knitted these gorgeous scarves! Now that it is cold, I figured everyone would adore these! What do you think?

Find them on Etsy here!

Yankee Doodle Jelly Roll For Sale

6 Nov


40 Karat Gems Yankee Doodle Jelly Roll!

I added the jelly roll to my Etsy shop, and when you purchase said Jelly Roll, you get the pattern for this quilt! Free! Check it out!

FlagTime: Americana Quilt Top Done

31 Oct

I finished the quilt top, now named “FlagTime” yesterday, and was just too tired to get pictures and post it, but here you all are! I should have the pattern up by the end of the week along with the Jelly Rolls! It’s so cute!

Faultline Quilt Top Finished

31 Oct

While making my Americana quilt top, I decided to take a break and put a border on this beauty. I love the way that the bargello pattern crumbles on the ends and pieces end up in the border. Too bad I can’t get this Jelly Roll pack any longer. I would have done a lot with it! Oh well. It’s just crumbling away, slowly falling around the center, dropping off piece by piece. I adore it! Now to figure out how to quilt it… Any suggestions?