Started Quilting The Midnight Secret Quilt

23 Jun


I’ve got stars for days! I’ve got about 70 more to put on, so this might be a while, but I can binge netflix while I do it, so I can’t complain too much. I’ve even got a beautiful backing for it! I’ll post another picture on Sunday with the progress. Wish me luck! Continue reading


Finished My Batik Charm Quilt Top

21 Jun


True Love! That’s all I feel for this! I can’t even describe it in words. I had all the charm packs lying around, and I just decided to use them! I don’t know what I was saving them for, but damn it! It looks good! Now, part of me wants to try some funky free motion quilting on it, the other part wants me to use an embroidery motif, and the last part says send it off to be quilted. I’m not sure! Part of me is asking if I trust myself enough to free motion it myself? To be honest, I’m not sure… We’ll see. A dear friend of mine is quilting three quilts for me as we speak… (Well, I think she mounted one on her frame, possibly…) I’m just not sure. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

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Things Coming This Week 6/20/17

20 Jun


I’ve been swamped on social media this last week, so I did not get as much done as I would like to. The BBC article and interview were great, and we’re really getting the message that bullying is not okay out there. Well, I’m off to work! I’ll post when I get home! Wish me luck!

-Interview with one of the creators of Threads of Resistance

-Quilting Another Strip Quilt (Using My Embroidery Machine) (This is the Top)

-Update on Responses to The BBC Article (Read It If You Haven’t)

  • A lot of people who shared the articles in groups have had it deleted. Just an FYI.

-I Fished My Batik Charm Quilt top, so I’ll post that later too.







Let’s Chat With Katie From Katie’s Quilting Corner

19 Jun


Today we’re settling in for a lovely chat with the woman who launched the Quiltgate scandal into the stratosphere with a single reddit post. She’s a redditor, quilter, crafter, all around baddass, and blogger! She makes some amazing things with her insane skill set, and she does it with style and flair! She runs Katie’s Quilting Corner, and posts some of her amazing work there, as well as some general sass! So settle in, and let’s find out what Katie is up to… Continue reading

Hell’s Kitchen: Quilting Finished

18 Jun


IT took a while, and there are a few mistakes, but damn it, it looks good! This is the quilt that was quilted with my embroidery machine. There are a few vertical lines quilted into it, because I really wanted to keep the vertical aspects of the buildings evident. I’m just so in love with it, but now I cannot find a binding I like. I might have to go and get some solid black. (Don’t ask why I’m out of it; I have clearly been slacking on my inventory.) Well, now that I get to see it when it is done, I love the way the embroidery motif looks! It took about 20 hours to quilt it, but you know, it was totally worth it! I can’t wait to finish it, so I can take pictures of it to enter in shows.

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Anthems Quilt Show: An Interview With The Creator

17 Jun
Yesterday, we were hot off the BBC World Service with Quiltgate. (BBC Article Here) Today we’re going to talk about a new quilt show coming up, Anthems. It seems very appropriate, it being pride month, as well as the hate group recently being outed on BBC. We’re having a conversation with Richard Kennair, the creator of Anthems. He’s been in the industry for quite a long time, but he isn’t a quilter! Follow the jump for the interview…

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BBC Covers Quiltgate!

16 Jun


I did an interview with BBC World Service. I’m so happy this story is finally gaining international attention!

You can listen to the radio segment here!

You can read the write up here!