I Just Realized…

26 Apr


I just realized I haven’t posted in over a month! Ahhh! I’m terrible!

However, I do have some news! Great news actually! After May 1st, I will no longer be making commission quilts. I just don’t have the time. I’ll still make and design quilts, but right now I just don’t have the time commitment. And now you’re probably wondering why is that good news? Well, it means a couple things.

  1. I don’t need the money anymore. I have an amazing day job with amazing bosses, and financially, I don’t need to quilt anymore to pay my student loans!
  2. I’ll have more time for embroidery! Not only to embroidery for myself, but to digitize and put more designs up!
  3. Buttons, Pins, Magnets, Oh My! (I’ll talk about this one later!)
  4. My work can go back to be artistic!
  5. More events can fit into my social calendar! This summer is already filling up quite nicely!

Will I miss it? Of course, but what I’ve really missed is doing those kind of things at my leisure. Now I get that back! I’ll have time to unleash my creative inner monster!

Wish me luck!

This week I’ll post about my new button venture, and some other fun artistic projects I’m working on! Kisses!


So Much News To Report On

18 Mar
Angela DenkPhoto by Angela Denk

I’ve been swamped at my day job, but all of that will go back to normal at the end of the month! In the mean time: my friend and I are working with a local coffee shop to get some fun items for sale in there, an article about my insane quilting skills got published, and I’m already working on a new quilt.

Check out the article here! Check out the article here!


New Logo – New Email List

4 Mar



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Making Magnets! Zelda Set Complete!

19 Feb

As Ke$ha plays in the background, I find myself looking at my piles of fabric, wondering when I’ll get a chance to sew again! Someday soon! I work so much now, I don’t have large openings of time to really get to work on a quilt. I decided to do a few quick projects to unleash the creativity! What do you think about my Zelda Magnets?

You can buy them here on Etsy!

Work Work Work Work Work

7 Feb


I have been pulling 60 hour weeks and I need a break! Tonight I dug out this quilt top and laid it out on my table and I’m plotting a way to quilt it! I was thinking stitch in the ditch, but to be honest, I’m not sure. Any suggestions?

My Latest Art Quilt

8 Jan

I took an old quilt background I had lying around and added some applique to it to make it flow more, and I really hated it. I mean, it really sucked to look at. So then I added paint, and more paint, and now I have something I can work with! I think I’m going to call it Flint. Hopefully I’ll have it done soon, and I can show it off!

I Just Bought A Button Press!

8 Jan

I have no idea why, but I couldn’t help myself! Be on the lookout for fun buttons in the near future!