Just Some Recent Projects – March 2021

Just wanted to drop some images of a couple of canvases I’ve done over the past year and a half. Trust me, I have more, but they still need to be photographed.

Follow the jump to see more of this lovely textile art.

Here we have “Aqua” which is embroidery on vintage silk applied to canvas with acrylic paint and lots and lots of polyurethane.

Then we have “Judy in Blue”. Multiple strips of fabric printed and adhered to canvas with acrylic paint and lots of pva glue.

These are some astounding pieces I printed of artwork and photos done by the very talented Beau Brokop. You should be checking out his other work! He’s amazing!

This is a photo by Cayton Cox, and I printed it, and mounted it to canvas. He’s my favorite surrealist! Do yourself a favor and check out his Instagram!

This piece is called “Tornado Dreams”. It was made in art school by a friend of mine. Her work is amazing! I keep telling her to get an Instagram so everyone can see what she makes. I’m pretty sure this hangs in her sewing room.

The lovely Christine McConnell. Individual strips of fabric printed and layered on top of each other. You should check out her youtube channel. She’s one of the most crafty people ever. I get so much inspiration watching her videos.

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