Who Doesn’t Love A Good Giveaway???

In celebration of the Eric the Quilter Facebook page getting 1500 followers, I decided to give something back! Here’s the kicker… 2 giveaways!!! One on Facebook, and one on Instagram!

Follow the jump to learn more!

First up we have the art roving! Who doesn’t love some good roving! This is a special art blend I whipped up on my drum carder. A friend pointed out the palette color is similar to Monet’s Water Lilies… So I think I’ll call it… I can’t come up with a name, so you guys give me one! It made from a blend of wool, silk, reclaimed acrylic, and rayon. I would describe it, as soft, lovely, and full of pizazz. You can find it here on Instagram.

Next we have the Indi-glow jelly roll pack by Wilmington Prints. I love 2.5″ inch strips! They are a dream to work with, and I have made some really fun jelly roll quilts in the past. The set is a lovely blend of cremes and blues, for that perfect vintage vibe. I have so many packs of these at home… I should really get back to quilting… To qualify to win, check out the post here!

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