I Needed A Laugh

24 May

After all this drama over the past couple of days, I figured we can all use a break! I made us some sassy E-cards to get us over this hump day.. They are topical, but I think they are pretty darn funny! Follow the jump for more… Continue reading


People Are Finally Talking About It

23 May

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Finally, after several days, people have begun to speak out. I am thankful people are finally talking about the issue. We have to take a stand against bullying, and the only way to do so is acknowledge that this attack on people was bullying. The group of people who wrote these hateful and hurtful comments are now trying to say they are the victims and outing them as bullies, in itself, was bullying… Gaslighting much?

The only way to deal with bullies, is to stand up and say something! Silence is not the answer! I’ve seen quite a few posts about how quilters need to come together and move past this. Almost as if certain bloggers want to hurry up and brush it under the rug. One even said we need to move past this and get back to quilting, as if ignoring the problem makes it go away. No, sorry, but we need to talk about it. In fact, I’ve seen a few posts about how people telling their story of bullying in the quilt community. I thank them for sharing! Quilting should a safe space to express yourself, not somewhere you feel the need to hide!

Here’s a list of people in the quilt community talking about it! I’ll update it as more people come out and take a stand! Continue reading

A NWI Modern Quilt Guild???

22 May


I was thinking about this the other day… How nice would it be to have a modern quilt guild in Northwest Indiana? Personally my quilts are kind of a mixed back of traditional and modern work, but it all would be welcome here. Anyone interested in helping? Let me know!

My Latest Art Quilt

22 May

I’ve been off fighting the good fight the past couple days, and I decided to have some fun. I had this art quilt half way done, and decided to get back to work on it. I ironed on the applique, looked at it, and decided I didn’t want to do normal applique stitches. I’m just going to power over it, and run it over with thread. I’m going to pump so much thread into this quilt, it’s going to be ridiculous. Now I’m just debating, what colors and weights of thread to use… Hmmm….

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Today’s Quilt Block – Sexism

21 May


Today’s block is Sexism! Sexism. Yes it is 2017 and we are still talking about sexism. Why? Why are we still talking about sexism? Shouldn’t this be a thing of the past right now? It should, but guess what, it’s really not! It’s still running rampant in our society, and as we’ve learned in the last couple of days, it’s here in the quilting world. I’m still working on the interview for my piece on sexism, and that probably won’t post until tomorrow, but I figured I would share this block with everyone today. I made this block to be read backwards, because sexism itself is backwards as hell.

Follow the jump for more photos. I also updated the Homophobia Block. See it below… Continue reading

Homophobia In Quilting – Let’s Talk About It

20 May
Today is a special occasion. I have an interview with the man who posted the screen shots from, the now infamous, Conservative Quilters group. I have been following Frank as an artist for quite a while, but have only recently started to interact with him personally. I’m working on a set of 4 interviews with people who have been victims of Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance, as these are the themes for a quilt I’m working on for the Human Rights Campaign Dinner. This is our first interview. His name is Frank Palmer, a quilter from Dultuh, and let’s get to know him…

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First Block – Homophobia

20 May

The Way This Works:

I’m working on quilt for the HRC fund raising dinner in DC this fall. I decided, based upon recent events, (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click here) to make a wall hanging that tackles some of the issues we’ve been seeing come to light in, not only the quilting community, but the world in general. The four blocks will be a message about Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance. With each of the blocks that I post, I’ll be posting an interview I did with someone that has had to deal with that topic. The interview for this block will be with Continue reading