I’ve Been Nuno Felting

I was in Minnesota for the past 2 weeks, just running amok… well, not really running, and not really amok either. I just visited some people, and hung out at my friend’s house most of the time. Lot’s of outdoor walks, and socially distanced brunches. It was lovely.

Now, while I was at my friend’s house, we made some Nuno felted scarves. If you don’t know what Nuno felting is, here’s the quickest answer: it’s when you take loose feltable fibers and embed them in sheer fabric. Now of course, I wouldn’t just do that alone and be happy. I blended roving with some fun additives, and felted it onto some vintage sari silk.

I think between the two of us, we made about 7 of them. Some were just Nuno felted, and some some had decorative stitching added after to help shape the scarf, and give it some texture. The one we’re looking at today was made for my friend’s neighbor. In this scarf I added some Angelina, some thread scraps, and some reclaimed factory waste.

Hopefully, I’ll have a tutorial up by the end of the month! Wish me luck!

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  1. Celeste S Grant says:

    Thank you! What a fabulous scarf. My intent is to “market” you through it as in “Eric did this! Isn’t it wonderful!” Thank you. Celeste (Also, yesterday was my birthday—I consider this my Birthday present.)

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