How Long Does a Quilt Take to Make???

To be honest, it takes quite a while. I mean, if I feel extremely motivated by the design, or I have a deadline to meet, I can do it in a week, but on average it takes about a month to go from start to finish. It takes about a week to design, because I meticulously design my quilts so I won’t have scraps, because I HATE wasting fabrics. So a lot of math goes into my quilt designs. Then it takes a week or two to iron, cut, and sew the fabric. Then another week or two to actually quilt the top down.

Now, in an ideal world I would be able to cut this down to two weeks for the entire project, but alas, I have to work to afford my quilting habit. Some day I would like to quilt as my way of making a living, but until that day comes, and I do see it somewhere on the horizon, I will be doing quilts as fast as I can, but that unfortunately means it will take about a month per quilt. I have gotten a break and I have had the past 2 weeks off, so in that 2 weeks, I have made 2 tops and I have started working on a design for a third.

I enjoy being this productive, but I keep running into the fear that I am rushing the creative process. I’m not going to lie, the color schemes of my last 2 quilts have not made me the happiest camper in the world. I rushed with mulboth of them, and the look contrived to me. Everything else I have done, I have done by making and altering multiple drafts before my iron even hits a fat quarter. I’m really hoping this quilt top, that I refer to as ‘A Blooming 9 Patch with a Twist’, will invigorate me again. I don’t want to rush projects, I just would like to be more productive, and the two are very different.

So, now that you all really know how I feel, I think I shall sign off for the night… possibly.

Before I go, I should show you the other top I made that does not thrill me. This only took me one day to cut and sew, so even I feel like it’s processed was rushed, but maybe I just messed up on the color choices. Click Here to check it out.

Here it is!

Next Quilt Top

So, quilting fans, I must inform you all that I have started a new quilt top. Currently I am in the planning stages, so my computer has had Microsoft Paint open a lot these past 2 days. Since I enjoyed the last quilt top I made, which was a Blooming 9 Patch, I have decided to do a 9 Patch with a fun and visually stunning twist. Well, at least I think it is visually stunning, or at least hope that it will be. I decided on colors already, but I won’t divulge those until I start the cutting and sewing tomorrow morning.In fact right now, as I am typing this, I’m looking at the pile of fabric I have on my work desk, and I’m already thinking of new substitutions for some of the colors. I wasn’t in love with the color choice of my last Blooming 9 Patch, and I really want to get this one down. I feel like with the last one the center looks like a muddled mess. (Don’t get me wrong I like my last one, but I’m just not in love with it, and after all, I do think of sewing a quilt as a great love affair. I believe the amount of effort you put into sewing something you love should be tantamount to the amount of enjoyment you wish to gain from it being made.) So, as I sit here, staring at my desk, and the piles of fabric sitting upon it, almost leering back at me, I have decided that this will be gorgeous. Now I just need to find and equally gorgeous person to be the recipient.

First Blooming 9 Patch

I just need to let everyone know that a few days ago I completed my first Blooming 9 Patch Quilt Top. I once saw the book, Tradition With A Twist, and I flipped through it and loved the Blooming 9 Patch quilts, so I figured I would have to make one. It took me two days to cut and sew the top and I like the color choices I used, but I feel I could have done better, but oh well. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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