Electric Quilt

Has anyone used Electric Quilt before?

I’m just curios as to what people have to say about it. I personally have never used it, but I do know someone who has it and raves about it. She told me that if I was ever going to be interested in selling quilt block patters (which I am), that I would need to get it. I know it would be a great upgrade from the way I currently design quilts. Currently I use paint and a grid pattern, so almost anything would be an upgrade. I suppose as my quilting gets more complex the graph paper just won’t cut it anymore.

So, that is the question I have to pose to the internet nation: What do you think of Electric Quilt?

Also: What generation would give me the most ‘bang for my buck’.

Thanks in advance!

Secret Project Final Post… Maybe

Here it is! The Labor of my love.


Here is a picture of it. I have yet to put on the border, because, well frankly speaking, I’m tired of looking at this red and black fabric. I have done nothing but this quilt for the past 3 days, and now I need a break. Maybe I’ll start designing my next quilt while I call my long arm teacher to talk to her about a plan for this beast.

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My New Business Card

My New Business Card


Just got the shipping confirmation on my new cards! I feel like this is the start of my new business, and I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way. Without all of the viewers on the website I would not be able to get these.  Thank you!

PS. Don’t they look awesome!

Good Morning Quilting World

Hello quilting world! I totally slept in, and I think it was much needed. I have been working on the current project quite incessantly, and I feel I needed a break, but now that I am well rested I shall go eat a banana, and start the quilting again. I should have everything done by the end of today including the boarder. So here is to hoping, and I’ll post as soon as I can!

Love you all!

Secret Project Post #3


So, as you all can see I have been working on the piecing of my super secret quilt project. The name is still under construction as is the quilt top itself. I have been slaving over it all day… well part o the day. I think I took a dinner break, and I did watch an episode of Mad Men. Anywho, I’ve been working on this darn thing and I must say it is time consuming. Because of the placement of the blue pieces, it is taking a lot more sewing than I had thought.

While I have your attention, let me explain more about this quilt. I was actually inspired by an applique piece I saw on a patchwork background. I thought about doing something similar, and I had been thinking about project ideas for about two days when I thought. I can make the patch work the background and the foreground. I decided to use the blooming 9 patch pattern for the focal backdrop, while the vibrant blue color is the focal foreground. The blue star is the focal point of the quilt, and the blooming 9 patch of black and red is the background.  I really hope people understood that.

Anyways, I’m going to sleep here in a little bit and just wanted to update everyone on my work.

PS. Soon I’ll work on getting a better camera, or better lighting.

We Have A New Home!!!

So, I am loving WordPress and now I have my own domain. I feel like it was a smart move. I can monetize the hits, which means more money for quilting, and means I can eventually add the store link on here so I can sell stuff via this website. I am slightly bummed because the formatting is not as user friendly as Blogger was, but it was a trade off. So, here we are, with a new home, and eventually I’ll have some more people posting besides just me. I happen to know a quilting Maven who just might jump at the chance to pass on her knowledge through my blog. Can’t guarantee anything, but it is a possibility in the future, and I am very excited for it.

Speaking of new additions, I shall also be adding a gallery to showcase all of my work, past and present. This way everyone can track the progress of my works throughout time. I was actually talking to a friend of mine, the aforementioned quilting maven, as she told me how much my work has progressed from simple geometric patterns, to more complex patterns. She told me this while I was b****ing about how much more work this current quilt is versus most of my past quilts. She was right. I look at my first quilt and I see how simple it was compared to my current project. 

So here is to growth over the next year, and to making Quilting my full time profession and not just my hobby!

Secret Project Post #2

The Pieces have finally begun to come together. This makes me so happy, last night I felt so unmotivated by this quilt. Now after seeing it with a little more work put in, I am beyond thrilled by it. Still working on a name for it though. Maybe: Frozen Star Collides with a Sea of Blood.

Like I said the name is still a work in progress. Although for some reason, I’m really in the mood for some spring rolls now, so I shall take a break and see if I have the stuff to make some spring rolls, and if not… Then Ramen it is!

The Secret Project

Here is the beginning.  This is my new piece I am working on. I’m thinking about calling it “Frozen Star Explodes in Sea of Blood”, but I fear that may sound to morbid. I think maybe once it is done, I will post the mock-up I made of it in paint, when I was working with pattern ideas. The white balance is of in the photo, it is pretty dark in the basement and the brighter I try to make it, the worse the color appears. Oh Well. I am very excited though.

The down side to this quilt is the blue scattering. It is pretty random, so a lot more small piecing must take place for the quilt, which as we all know, is very time consuming. My goal tonight was to have everything laid out on the ground, and everything cut, and placed, but I’ll have to settle for everything being cut. I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to finish the placement tonight, but who knows. If I do make some progress I will post more pictures!

Blue Star Quilt

So this quilt I have been slaving over a hot iron, and a slightly less hot sewing machine for all morning and afternoon is starting to come together. The colors I chose were Black with stars, Blue, and Dark Red prints. I still can’t share the design but I do have some pictures of me working on it!

Here is the fabric selection:

Click Below to see more pictures!

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