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Toxic Medicine: Part 4 – The Apology (Ego is the Enemy)

For those of you just joining, you can catch the start of the idiocy that was my medical treatment here.

After my time with the unfortunately board certified Dr. Mark Fesenmyer, (which you can read about here) I had another appointment with Dr. Katherine Foley. 

So, this should be prefaced with Dr. Foley’s sheer ignorance. I asked her, and I don’t mean I asked her in a roundabout, obscure way, I mean I asked her flat out, “If you don’t feel qualified to treat me, please recommend someone else.” Do you want to guess what her response was? Her medical assistant called me and left a voicemail saying “Dr. Foley feels she is fully capable of treating you. It is your right to get a second opinion, but Dr. Foley feels she is fully capable of treating you.” 

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Toxic Medicine: Part 3 – The Gastroenterologist Mark Fesenmyer (Ignorant or Lazy)

I should have read up on the reviews for Dr. Mark Fesenmyer… They suck! He’s not very well received, and now I know why. So the main question I have after seeing him…

Dr. Mark Fesenmyer are you ignorant or lazy?



In the words of Julie Andrews, “Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.”

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Toxic Medicine: Part 2 – The Infection (Hang In There)

So, as you know, I picked up an infection during my colonoscopy procedure. After the procedure, I had some really nasty side effects. I had lots of pain and discomfort, on top of quite a bit of drainage, and even bleeding. This was not quite what I signed up for. When I complained about these things, and asked why Dr Foley didn’t perform the fistulotomy, she responded with, since there was muscle tissue, she did not want to do the fistulotomy. When you cut muscle tissue, she said there were quite a bit of complications that could involve severe side effects. So I took her out her word. That was a huge mistake.

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Toxic Medicine: Part 1 – Original Treatment (Infectious Nurse)

I printed the image from the Intro. I thought it turned out lovely, and I even have a couple more digital prints done, and ready to put on substrates. Sorry this has taken so long, but to be honest, it’s exhausting going over all of this. It’s like reliving the last 3 months of nonsense and confusion, and it’s tiring. I get to relive all of the mistakes and ignorance I’ve dealt with over the past few months. I have a new surgeon now, and I recently did an MRI so hopefully I’ll have some more answers shortly. So let’s get down to business…

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Toxic Medicine (Intro)

Oh man, it has been a long few weeks. I got misdiagnosed by a doctor. Then when I asked her about her misdiagnosis she had the nerve to try to gaslight me about it. Seriously, she actually tried to make me feel like I was unreasonable. She’s the one who misdiagnosed me, but, in that same breath, told me asking questions about her treatment was ‘confrontational’.

I didn’t know how to process it at first. She was the first bad doctor I ever had. She’s the first doctor to actually make me sick, ignore the fact that I was worse off than when I started, and then refused to answer questions because she was worried about getting sued. Alas, this is the American medical system, and it sucks. I don’t think Dr. Foley is the only doctor who does things like this, but she is the first one I encountered. She even recommended another doctor to me, Dr. Fesenmyer, who made things even worse.

I was thinking I would do this in 6 parts, each with its own art piece. Above is the digital artwork for a print I plan on making. I’m not sure if I want to print it on fabric, or mount it to canvas, or what, but I’ll figure it out. Each post will have clips from my medical records, voicemails, recorded visits, emails, and quotes from the doctors and staff who treated me. Maybe at the end I’ll even make a video that incorporates all of the pieces along with the sound clips, and some narrated medical notes. If we are really lucky, maybe I can snag a couple medical/psychological experts to give us some extra input as to how things went wrong, and how we can improve in the future. I’ll even be reaching out to Dr. Foley and Dr. Fesenmyer for comments.

As each story posts I’ll link it back here for everyone.

Part 1 – Original Treatment (Infectious Nurse)

Part 2 – The Infection (Hang in There)

Part 3 – The Gastroenterologist (Ignorant or Lazy)

Part 4 – The Apology (Ego is the Enemy)

Part 5 – Radio Silence (The Ignored)

Part 6 – The Gaslighting (The Forest is Burning)

*** As of the time of publishing this article on 10/20/20 at 6:00pm, Dr. Foley has not returned request for comment.

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