How I’ve Kept My Sanity: Crafting Through Misdiagnosis… (Part 3)

I finally posted Part 3 of the Toxic Medicine series, so I thought I would show you guys what I have been working on. My strength is coming back, but I get worn out so easily. I’m used to carrying people, not because it is part of my job description, but for funsies. Now I get tired carrying a couple 50 lb. boxes yarn around the building at work. So, no large exhausting projects for me, but nuno felting scarves is my new passion. I can finish one in a day, and I only work up a mild sweat when I start needle felting aggressively for some of the edges.

To see some of the scarves I’ve made in the last couple weeks, follow the jump…

This first one uses some handspun yarn I made with acrylic factory waste, and it runs into the fringe with is also made with the same yellow silk the scarf body consists of.

This one was a failure I smashed back together, and sewed, and felted, and washed, and shoved it all back together again. I ended up loving it, but it started out completely different than how it ended. Not going to lie… a lot of my projects end up like that.

This was my first attempt at needle felting the silk and roving together. I adore it. To be honest, I think it is simple, but sensual.

Here are the rest of the recent pieces. Sorry for the bad lighting, but I usually use my work photo studio for great pictures, but it’s being remodeled. I promise to get better pictures once that is finished.

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