Roving, Roving, Roving, and wait, More Roving

It’s been a busy week! I’m repainting the photo studio at work, and making roving in my free time. I’ve got so many projects in my head, it’s hard to find the time and upper body strength to keep up. Turning my carder for hours is quite the arm workout. (I’ve even been trying to make sure I switch arms, so one doesn’t get more ripped than the other.) Needless to say… my back is killing me! I can live with that, but now I have a sty on my left eye… and that’s my good eye. The other one doesn’t work very well. So it’s been fun!

Speaking of health concerns, I did update the Dr. Mark Fesenmyer post with some documentation from his office – mainly communications between staff and myself. So you can check that out.

Seriously though, making the most of it! I promised some forest themed yarn to someone, so I’ve been reclaiming the acrylic for that. It’s a process, but I’m keeping acrylic out of landfills and making some gorgeous yarn! I recently posted some of the yarn I made on reddit, and people over there loved it! One of them suggested I do an online class on making some of my art yarn… I think I might have to. Maybe I’ll post a poll later with some class ideas, and people can vote…

Back to the topic at hand… ROVING! Follow the jump to check out some of my roving sets!

Roving projects on and off the drum carder!

This set if the forest yarn I’m making! There’s going to be hints of gold, peach, and purple in the dark green and black base. You can even see some of the vintage silk in there for added texture!

This one was specifically for the yarn I spun featured in the scarf in this post!

These were made for some scarves that have yet to be finished, so as soon as they are done, I’ll put those up.

These are for some upcoming scarves… or yarn, still not decided!

Last, but most certainly not least, were these sets of roving. These were made with a combo, or reclaimed acrylic, reclaimed denim fibers, thread ends from embroidery, silk scraps, and some wool. This got turned into the yarn in the second gallery from the article posted before this. You can check it out here!

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