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Quilt For Equality For NIU


For those of you who remember, I have a quilt at the Pick Museum of Anthropology at NIU. Well, I offered to make a replica quilt for The Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality. They accepted, and I finally got around to starting it. Well, I did quite a bit of sewing this weekend, and I finally have the top together, and I eve started quilting it last night! The museum exhibit was extended, so I’m hoping to drop it off before the show ends! Fingers Crossed!

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Professional Pictures of My HRC Quilt

The quilt is finished and I’m so happy! The deadline was the 15th; I’m taking it to the post office tomorrow. My friend Anthony took the photos and I’m just in love with them! I never thought one of my quilts would look this good on camera, but I just love the style of the pictures, as well as how he really accentuated the quilting stitches! I really cannot describe how pleased I am with how it turned out. I’m still heartbroken about Orlando, but I hope by donating this to the Human Rights Campaign Dinner and Silent Auction, I can be responsible for some kind of change, no matter how small.

Wish me luck!

Finished The Quilting

Now to find a binding fabric! I’m in love with how the quilting turned out, and I just love the equal sign motif. Since the quilt is a memorial to the Orlando shooting, and it’s going to be at the Human Rights Campaign dinner, I really want it to be perfect. I really have to thank Wonderfil’s line of threads. I used both Decobob and Mirage. I think it turned out wonderfully. The only thing missing is the binding. Maybe a rainbow-esque fabric… We’ll see! Wish me luck!

Donating My Orlando Tribute Quilt

When I started work on this quilt, I wanted to donate it to some charity or have it auctioned with the proceeds going somewhere worthy. Well, two days ago I got an email from someone at the Human Rights Campaign, and they were looking for items for their silent auction, so I decided that my memorial quilt for the Orlando shooting victims would be at the 20th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner and Silent Auction held on Saturday, September 10th in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. I feel honored that I was invited to donate for the silent auction, and I know it is for a good cause!

The pictures are a bit darker. I was playing around with filters on my camera and thought these looked the best. They really capture the sadness of it. I’m just in love with this quilt. I’ll be sad to part with it. Now I just have to finish it. I have 7 more equal signs to go, and then I have to quilt and bind it! Wish me luck!

Quilt For Equality


I was planning on bragging about how wonderful it was that I got published in a book for my quilt on gay rights, but now I’m at home heartbroken after this unspeakable tragedy. This catastrophe that made me feel uncomfortable and empty, I decided to channel my grief into a new work inspired by the continuing struggle for gay rights.

Updates to come on my latest works later in the week.

Equality Quilt: It’s Done!

It’s all done! I just have to wash it! I’m so excited to mail it out! I ended up going with a batik binding that is florescent green, yellow, and pink. I love the way it turned out! I cannot wait to throw it in the washer, and then the dryer. Quilts always look so much better once washed! I cannot wait for the buyer to get it! I know he will love it!

Equality Quilt: Quilting Is Done, Now The Binding!

Hello world! After taking yesterday off because I hurt my back, and couldn’t really sew, i am a little behind. Thank goodness my manic stage kicked in a bit. I finished the quilting on this gorgeous quilt! I just have to bind it now! Then wash it, and then I start my next quilt project! I’m not sure what I am going to do for a binding yet, but I cannot wait to dig through some fabric and find something that makes it pop! Part of me wants to do grey, but I think a fun multicolored batik could do wonders here, so we will see! Wish me luck!

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