Equality Quilt: Quilting Is Done, Now The Binding!

Hello world! After taking yesterday off because I hurt my back, and couldn’t really sew, i am a little behind. Thank goodness my manic stage kicked in a bit. I finished the quilting on this gorgeous quilt! I just have to bind it now! Then wash it, and then I start my next quilt project! I’m not sure what I am going to do for a binding yet, but I cannot wait to dig through some fabric and find something that makes it pop! Part of me wants to do grey, but I think a fun multicolored batik could do wonders here, so we will see! Wish me luck!

Follow the jump for more pictures!


  1. Ronson Dalby says:

    I bound a quilt last week in a light grey (the backing was also light grey) because it was all I had and I was on a deadline. I was very pleased after I finished the binding that I had chosen the grey – it looked great and made the quilt colours stand out.

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