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Pinning Frozen Star

Since the weather has delayed my fabric shipment, I think I’ll quilt this later tonight. I was just going to stipple it, but I’m not completely set on a color of thread yet. Should I do Grey, Red, or Blue? I’m leaning towards blue, but we’ll see once I start! Wish me luck!

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Final Fantasy Quilt: All Done

I did it! I quilted and bound it! I ended up using a stipple, and before nerds attack me for it, let me explain why. A lot of people told me to stitch in the ditch to keep the blockiness of it, but I did the stipple because I think when they first made the character for the video game, they didn’t intend for him to look pixelated. They wanted him to look like something that was curved and didn’t have corners, so love it or hate it, that was my logic. I love the way it turned out. I ended up using a bright blue tonal binding because I thought it really framed it and brought out the colors from the inside. Anyone have any constructive criticism? I also just uploaded it to my Etsy Shop! (Click Here)

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