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My First Photo-stitched Picture

So I just got the embroidery machine a week ago today, and I’m just madly in love with it. Someone digitized this design for me in exchange for a quilt pattern. Once I get the Viking Software I’m pining over, I’ll be able to do that myself and then I can embroider anything in the world! Next: Harry Potter Tea Towels!

Final Fantasy Quilt: All Done

I did it! I quilted and bound it! I ended up using a stipple, and before nerds attack me for it, let me explain why. A lot of people told me to stitch in the ditch to keep the blockiness of it, but I did the stipple because I think when they first made the character for the video game, they didn’t intend for him to look pixelated. They wanted him to look like something that was curved and didn’t have corners, so love it or hate it, that was my logic. I love the way it turned out. I ended up using a bright blue tonal binding because I thought it really framed it and brought out the colors from the inside. Anyone have any constructive criticism? I also just uploaded it to my Etsy Shop! (Click Here)

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Final Fantasy Quilt: Pinning It!

Since I have to wait until tomorrow for my fabric shipment, I have decided to pin this quilt tonight, and start the quilting! Hopefully I’ll finish it in the next few hours and have pics posted in the morning. I’m just stitching in the ditch on it to accent the blockiness of the 8-bit, but I kind of still want to stipple to round the edges a bit. I’m not sure. Haha. I guess I’ll figure it out soon though! Wish me luck!

Pricing Your Quilts…

This one is really directed at all of my fellow quilters and crafters out there. How do YOU price your quilts? I’ve heard a lot of different things from a lot of different people, but I’m kind of in this boat right now, where my prices were cheaper, but as I get busier I have to start raising them. How should I do it? What should I take into account? Any tips or advice would be super helpful!

Especially These 2 quilts. The one with the blue frame took about a total of 10 hours and 50 dollars worth of supplies, and the one with the black border took about 15 to 20 hours and about 60 dollars worth of supplies.

Final Fantasy Quilt: The Top Is Complete!

I did it! I did it! This was a perfect filler project while I’m waiting on the Viking’s Fabric I ordered. It should hopefully be here by Tuesday, so then I can finish that quilt top and quilt it. I might end up quilting this one tomorrow, but I do have to go to work, so it just depends on how late I work, and how tired I am. I’m still waiting to hear back on a new job that would be more of a set schedule which would be very nice, but it would be more of a time commitment. So, more money means more fabric! Yay! A little less quilting, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I am really excited. Since the Pattern is up on Etsy, I think I might put this up there too. We’ll see. Someone seams to be mildly interested in buying it, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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