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Mario Quilt Is Done… Well, One Of Them

I’ve been running amok in my sewing room the past couple of weeks! I finished a throw size Zelda Quilt and a queen sized Zelda Quilt. Now, I finished a throw sized Mario Quilt, and I still have another throw sized Zelda quilt, and a full sized Mario Quilt. I had Comic Con 2 weeks ago, and I’m still getting my sewing room back in order! Now I have some 8-bit embroidery to drop off at a shop later today after work. No rest for the wicked, and there are none more wicked than me. On top of that, I’ve had two machines repaired st week. I guess I use them a bit much… I guess I really cannot argue with that.

Well, I’m off to my day job!

Wish me luck!


All The Blocks are Done For My Mario Quilt!

Here is the last one! The Goomba is all ready and marching on! Now to piece them all together and then make the pillow sham that matches! Hopefully I’ll finish everything by tomorrow, so it can be mailed out on Monday!

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One Mushroom Down, One To Go!

The Green 1-up Mushroom is finished! Between it and the fireflower, I am one third of the way done on these blocks! You know, I’ve always wanted a 1-up tattoo on my shoulder blade. Perhaps that is where my next Mario Quilt commission money will go to! Well, time for me to get to work on the Red Mushroom! Wish me luck!

Pricing Your Quilts…

This one is really directed at all of my fellow quilters and crafters out there. How do YOU price your quilts? I’ve heard a lot of different things from a lot of different people, but I’m kind of in this boat right now, where my prices were cheaper, but as I get busier I have to start raising them. How should I do it? What should I take into account? Any tips or advice would be super helpful!

Especially These 2 quilts. The one with the blue frame took about a total of 10 hours and 50 dollars worth of supplies, and the one with the black border took about 15 to 20 hours and about 60 dollars worth of supplies.

Mario Quilt: The Top Is Pieced!

I did it! I did it! I ran out of blue fabric, so I added some other blue fabric to the corners to make it more fun! This way it kind of looks like they are all framed in there! I really need to get more of this blue and purple fabric! It looks amazing as a background! I’m not sure if tomorrow I will pin this or start on my next quilt. We shall see!

Follow the jump for the entire process!

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Mario Quilt: 1 Up Mushroom , and Pattern On Etsy

I did it! Once more with feeling I have finished my next Mario themed block. It is a 1 up mushroom! I also put the pattern up on ETSY (Click Here) in case anyone was interested in making one themselves! This one took me most of the morning, but then again… I didn’t wake up until 10am. I was up until 4am… not sure why, just not feeling too hot! I need a Diet coke!

Follow the jump for pictures of its construction!

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