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Mario Pillow Is All Cut

23 Jan

I’ve been getting over this cold, and no that I am, it is time for some hardcore sewing! No sleep tonight, just sewing!


2 New Etsy Listing For Mario Fans

3 Dec

As on this morning I have added Twin and Full Size Mario 8 bit quilts to my Etsy Shop. Here you can order the Twin Size, and here is the Full Size. I still have to work up a sample for the queen size which will include 9 blocks instead of 6, but that might have to wait until after the holidays. I think that one will include a bob-omb, boo, and I think a question block. We’ll see. I might have to base it on what colors I have readily available in my fabric stash. (I went a little crazy with the fabric shopping recently, but I should be set for quite a while…. I hope.)

Mario Quilt Is Done! It’s Beautiful!

6 May

It really is just lovely to see a quilt you made finished! I’m so excited to mail it out to the client! I always feel so professional when I say I have to mail something to a client. Haha! Hopefully they will love it! Now I just have to finish the Pillow Sham!

All The Blocks are Done For My Mario Quilt!

3 May

Here is the last one! The Goomba is all ready and marching on! Now to piece them all together and then make the pillow sham that matches! Hopefully I’ll finish everything by tomorrow, so it can be mailed out on Monday!

Follow the jump for pictures of all of the completed blocks! Continue reading

Luigi Block Is Done!!!

3 May

Only one more to go! I really hope the customer likes the subtle accents in texture that I use in the fabric. I think using nothing but plain colors would be so boring! Now onto the Goomba!

Mario Block Is Done!

3 May

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been dealing with my allergies, and they are offensive! Seriously! There are just not enough antihistamines t go around. However, in my fog of sniffles, and sinus pressure headaches, I have managed to finish the Mario Block! Four down, Two to go!

3 Blocks Down… 3 To Go… Oh, And A Pillow Sham

27 Apr

Well, three blocks down, and three to go, and a pillow sham! I’m so excited! I was thinking about putting up pillow shams on Etsy. What do you guys and gals think? I mean, they are easier than a quilt, and I could move more of them. Just something to keep on the back burner I guess.