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Stitch In The Ditch With Wonderfil DecoBob

As we all know, I just love Wonderfil’s lines of thread, and DecoBob is one of my favorites. I use it traditionally for my bobbins when I do embroidery, and it works wonders for that! It’s a nice 80wt thread, so a lot of it fits on a bobbin, and it even works great as needle thread for fine, delicate embroideries. Today, however, I am using it for stitch in the ditch quilting! It just disappears into the quilt! The thread is so fine, it goes almost unnoticed on the quilted pillow shams I made. I used quite a bit of this thread for quilting. I’ve actually been using it on table runners I’ve made, and it just looks delightful! I’ll post pictures of those tomorrow!

2 New Etsy Listing For Mario Fans

As on this morning I have added Twin and Full Size Mario 8 bit quilts to my Etsy Shop. Here you can order the Twin Size, and here is the Full Size. I still have to work up a sample for the queen size which will include 9 blocks instead of 6, but that might have to wait until after the holidays. I think that one will include a bob-omb, boo, and I think a question block. We’ll see. I might have to base it on what colors I have readily available in my fabric stash. (I went a little crazy with the fabric shopping recently, but I should be set for quite a while…. I hope.)

Bargello Table Runner: Finished

I feel so happy I managed to finish the table runner, but also somewhat silly. I did not measure the fabric properly, and it is too large to fit on my dresser. It hangs over about 3 inches, and I just don’t like that at all. There are mirrors on the back of the dresser, so it hangs off the front, and then you can’t see the handles on the drawers and I’m just not feeling it… not feeling it at all. So I’m sending it in the mail to Ray’s Sew Crafty. She said she has plenty of dressers to put it on, so I’m happy it is going to a good place!


Binding The Bargello Table Runner

I said I was going to be productive and here I am trying my hardest! I just started the binding on my table runner, but now I have to leave to go to a doctor’s appointment, but when I come back, I’m going to finish the binding and then start on my next quilt! I promise! I cannot wait to put this on my dresser! First, I’ll have to clean my dresser! Then some yard work too. Busy buys busy! No rest for the wicked! Wish me luck on my productive day off!

Quilting A Bargello Table Runner

I started this table runner a few days ago, and didn’t get around to finishing it until last night. (I’ll post some pictures of the finished quilting when I put on the binding.) I decided to go with a non-uniform theme, for no reason, but just because I did not feel like being accurate while cutting it. Yes, sometimes my artistic side shows through brightest in the face if true laziness! I finished the quilting and now I just have to bind it, but then I got distracted by Sunday night TV. Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones, Drop Dead Diva, and Once Upon A Time. It was a good Sunday for tv watching!

Throw Pillow: Once More With Feeling!

You all know I love them, and here is one I just finished! It is just a simple rail fence block, but I used some fun fabrics! I love how loud and obnoxious it is! I did some stippling in light purple thread, just to tie in some of the purple tones in the fabric. I think the colors might blend a tad bit too well, and some of the definition is lost, but I’ll get over it! It will be on my bed soon enough anyways!

Quilted Throw Pillows!


As we all know, I’m just madly in love with throw pillows. I can pump out two of them in an evening. I made this one at work for a class I am teaching. It will be on Wednesday April 16th at the Merrillville Sewing Center. So, if you are in the area, you should definitely come and check it out! Anyways, here is the pillow. Originally I wanted to do a bargello pillow, but it was just not enough working space. I think I’m going to do a bargello table runner next though! Until then, I’m making one more throw pillow, and I’ll post that later! Wish me luck!

Finished The Table Runner

I finished the quilting on this beautiful table runner! I cannot wait to hang it at the store on Tuesday. I have Monday off, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit more quilting done soon! I just love this applique. I think I’m going to do one that is Solar System oriented next. I really like it Or, I can do something spring themed, and use the circles for flowers and flower pedals. We’ll see!

Sneak Peek: My Return To Quilting


As a lot of people know, my Father was hospitalized last week, and I have just been running around doing everything I have to do around the house, and at work, so I haven’t had much time to sew, but I finally started up again, and it’s getting pretty intense! I’ve made 4 different quilted pillows, and I’m going to be showing one off each day for the rest of the week. I hope everyone likes them! The one above has appliqued circles, and then embroidery designs inside of them. I went with monochromatic embroidery, as I didn’t want to take away from the circles. I’m thinkiing about doing a table runner like this! What does everyone else think?

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