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Stitch In The Ditch With Wonderfil DecoBob

As we all know, I just love Wonderfil’s lines of thread, and DecoBob is one of my favorites. I use it traditionally for my bobbins when I do embroidery, and it works wonders for that! It’s a nice 80wt thread, so a lot of it fits on a bobbin, and it even works great as needle thread for fine, delicate embroideries. Today, however, I am using it for stitch in the ditch quilting! It just disappears into the quilt! The thread is so fine, it goes almost unnoticed on the quilted pillow shams I made. I used quite a bit of this thread for quilting. I’ve actually been using it on table runners I’ve made, and it just looks delightful! I’ll post pictures of those tomorrow!

Making Pillow Shams To Go With My Nickel Quilt

These actually took a while to figure out the layout, but I think they ended up looking just stunning. I still need to quilt them and make them into pillow shams, but I figure that will be done by tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Finished My Nickel Quilt Top…. I’m In Love!

It was my first nickel quilt, and I just love it! Some of the colors repeated a bit more than I would have liked, but I think it turned out grand! No I just have to baste and quilt it, and then make the matching pillow shams. I’m thinking I’m going to do some 2″ squares for the pillow shams… I think… That might change… Wish me luck!

My Legend Of Zelda Bed Set

I finished the pillow shams! And they look great with my quilt! I just need to finish the matching throw pillows! I’m thinking about making myself another one with this pattern that is a throw size quilt, and some throw pillows so I can have them on the couch in the front room. Also, I’m starting a new quilt for my bed. This one is going to be bright and summery! I’m not sure of the pattern yet, but I did pick out the fabrics! I’m just so excited! So much to do, so little time!

Making Some Triforce Throw Pillows

I’ve decided I need some pillow shams to go with my Zelda Quilt I made a few months ago. I don’t know why I never made them sooner, but I just never got around to it. Here is one of the pieced on my sewing table. I have everything cut for the two of them, but I’m making them one at a time. Here’s to piecing it together!

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