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Finished My Batik Charm Quilt Top


True Love! That’s all I feel for this! I can’t even describe it in words. I had all the charm packs lying around, and I just decided to use them! I don’t know what I was saving them for, but damn it! It looks good! Now, part of me wants to try some funky free motion quilting on it, the other part wants me to use an embroidery motif, and the last part says send it off to be quilted. I’m not sure! Part of me is asking if I trust myself enough to free motion it myself? To be honest, I’m not sure… We’ll see. A dear friend of mine is quilting three quilts for me as we speak… (Well, I think she mounted one on her frame, possibly…) I’m just not sure. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

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My Batik Charm Quilt


I was at work today, contemplating about what the heck to do with all of those charm squares I had decided to start sewing together. Part of me just thought, well just make a giant nickel quilt, but then I have the matching Jelly rolls to play with as well. There were a lot of possibilities, and I think this one is going to work for me! Wish me luck! Maybe I’ll have half the top done by Monday!!!! Fingers crossed!

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Finished My Nickel Quilt Set… It’s Amazing!

Okay, now everyone knows I’m not into bright cheery colors, but this one does take my breath away! I was a little hesitant when taking this commission, but it turned out great! I really love the pillow shams! Those took a while to get the layout right… Thank goodness for all those math classes I took in college. I cannot wait until I deliver it on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Finished My Nickel Quilt Top…. I’m In Love!

It was my first nickel quilt, and I just love it! Some of the colors repeated a bit more than I would have liked, but I think it turned out grand! No I just have to baste and quilt it, and then make the matching pillow shams. I’m thinking I’m going to do some 2″ squares for the pillow shams… I think… That might change… Wish me luck!

Working On A Nickel Quilt

I’m at home. I’m sick. It’s gloomy out… I guess all I can do is quilt! I’m not complaining… Well, maybe a little complaining about being sick, but that’s it. I have this quilt to make for a friend of mine. She’s just so in love with what I have made so far! I can;t wait to finish it! I still have to fade it to red, then pink, then purple, then blue, and make some matching pillow shams, but that’s a walk in the park. The hard part, which is coming up, is making the binding… Well, not so much making it, but picking out a color… Any suggestions?

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