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Super Mario Quilt!

13 Sep

I know I haven’t posted lately, but you have to cut me some slack as I just started a new job! I love my new job! So much more freedom! And a little more money to boot! However, when I come home, I am wiped, and all I want to do is sleep! I’ve been trying to get better at staying up and working, and I finally finished this commission, and it was only a week late! The blue dragonfly fabric for the background is one of my favorites!

I sell the pattern and the quilt is anyone is interested….


I Digitized Some Nerdy Stuff!

30 Jun

I haven’t been sewing much these days, but I have been using my software like there is no tomorrow. The only problem is, I can’t stitch these designs out fast enough! I just added some of them to my Etsy shop! Hope everyone enjoys!

Mario – Click Here

Doctor Who – Click Here

Pokeball – Click Here

007 – Click Here

I’ve Just Been Sick As A Dog, But I Still Made A Pillow

26 Jan

Man, this flu has hit me pretty hard. It’s like I’m short of breath after sewing for 5 minutes. This needs to be over quickly! In the mean time, I did make this gorgeous throw pillow! I even started work on my next commission quilt. I think it is going to be fabulous! Here are some pictures of the pillows, and later I’ll post the fabric for the new quilt.

Mario Pillow Is All Cut

23 Jan

I’ve been getting over this cold, and no that I am, it is time for some hardcore sewing! No sleep tonight, just sewing!

2 New Etsy Listing For Mario Fans

3 Dec

As on this morning I have added Twin and Full Size Mario 8 bit quilts to my Etsy Shop. Here you can order the Twin Size, and here is the Full Size. I still have to work up a sample for the queen size which will include 9 blocks instead of 6, but that might have to wait until after the holidays. I think that one will include a bob-omb, boo, and I think a question block. We’ll see. I might have to base it on what colors I have readily available in my fabric stash. (I went a little crazy with the fabric shopping recently, but I should be set for quite a while…. I hope.)

Mario Cloud Pillow Sham

8 May

I forgot to post pictures of this, but before I forget, here it is! To go with the Mario quilt, I made a Pillow Sham out of one of the Mario clouds! I think it is just too cute! What do you think?

Mario World Cloud Pillow Sham

6 May


I made this to go along with the Quilt! It was super easy, and everyone remembers the clouds from Mario World. In fact, everything has faces on it, so it is kind of hard to pass up! Haha. The customer wanted a pillow sham to go with the quilt for their son, so Here it is! Once I quilt it, I’ll post more pictures.