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Pinning The Mario Quilt!


I did all of the blocks, and now I am pinning this beast of a quilt! I wish someone would have bought me this as a 8 year old! I feel like I would’ve been a much happier child! I love the way it turned out! Maybe one of these days I’ll make one for myself!

Miss A’s Quilt Is Pinned


I finally got around to pinning Miss A’s Quilt. I know! It took me all day. I lost all of my pins! It took me 2 hours to find them! What had happened was, I had hidden them at one point when Miss A herself had come downstairs to come and say hi to me. She wandered down into my room and I had the container they were in on the floor because I had just unpinned a quilt. When she picked up the container I through it in a drawer and forgot about it. It took me a while to find it. So, I wasted most of the day trying to find the pins, and now that I finished pinning it, I think I will quilt it later tonight.

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