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Quilting Secrets, tips, And Tricks : Pinwheel Blocks

Today, I’m going to show everyone how to make a pinwheel block that is very simple!


Follow the jump to see how!

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I’ve Been Working On A Schedule

I’ve been trying to come up with a schedule. So everyone can know what day they are looking forward to.


Sunday – Confessions of A Quilt-aholic

Monday – E Card Monday

Tuesday – Quilting Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

Wednesday – TBD

Thursday – TBD

Friday – Interview Series

Saturday – TBD


Does anyone have any other suggestions for something I’ve posted that they want me to turn into a series?

Quilting Secrets, Tips, And Tricks : Perfect Quarter Inch Seams

Do you pine for perfect quarter inch seems on your projects? I’m sure you do! I do! Well, I did, now I don’t pine any longer! A friend of mine taught me this, and it works amazingly! I know some people probably already know this, but I think someone will find it interesting! It not only helps with perfect seams, but it is one of my many secrets to help quilt faster! That’s right! I said faster!

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