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What’s Your Favortie Sewing Trick?


We all have them, we all have tips and tricks to help us sew. My number one trick is putting tape on my sewing machine to get perfect quarter inch seams. I just love it! It has worked for me on a multitude of sewing projects, and use it for almost every quilt I have ever done!

So what is your sewing secret?

Quilting Secrets, Tips, And Tricks : Perfect Quarter Inch Seams

Do you pine for perfect quarter inch seems on your projects? I’m sure you do! I do! Well, I did, now I don’t pine any longer! A friend of mine taught me this, and it works amazingly! I know some people probably already know this, but I think someone will find it interesting! It not only helps with perfect seams, but it is one of my many secrets to help quilt faster! That’s right! I said faster!

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