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Serger Tutorial: Small Makeup Bag

25 Nov

These cute little make up bags are super easy to make when you have a serger! The serger trims, overcasts, and puts on your zipper! Just make sure to use a heavy enough fabric and to use a plastic zipper! To be honest I would not recommend doing this on a very cheap serger, as it will have to sew through the zipper, and some cheaper sergers cannot handle it.

What you’ll need for this project:

1. 8 inch plastic zipper

2. Piece of fabric (I used upholstery fabric) that is 7″ by 14″

3. Pins

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Chenille Throw Pillow Tutorial!!!

5 Oct

I’ve gotten such an amazing response from posting the latest Chenille Throw Pillows I’ve been working on, I decided I should post a tutorial! So here it is! I hope everyone enjoys it! Continue reading

Quilting Secrets, tips, And Tricks : Pinwheel Blocks

24 Jul

Today, I’m going to show everyone how to make a pinwheel block that is very simple!


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