Chenille Throw Pillow Tutorial!!!

I’ve gotten such an amazing response from posting the latest Chenille Throw Pillows I’ve been working on, I decided I should post a tutorial! So here it is! I hope everyone enjoys it!

Step 1: Cut an 18″ by 18″ piece for your background on the Chenille Pillow. I use two pieces just to add some extra durability to it.


Step 2: We add 2 more layers of fabric. I’m using flannel for this part because it chenilles very nicely!


Step 3: I’m adding a few 4.5″ by 4.5″ squares to add a little bit of fun to this pillow!


Step 4: Put the final layer of fabric on top.


Step 5: Draw on your sew lines 5/8th of an inch apart. This part will take a while.


Step 6: Sew on all of your markings. (I sew over it twice just to really secure the chenille in place.) I use a walking foot, so the fabric won’t pull as much since there are 5 layers.


Step 7: Square off your pillow since some of the layers might have moved a bit.


Step 8: Cut your top 3 layers in-between all of the cut lines. (If you have a chenille cutter it makes this part go by so fast!) (I don’t because I am cheap.)


Step 9: Marvel at how good it looks so far!


Step 10: Take whatever fabric you want to use for you backing and cut 2 pieces roughly 18″ by 20″. I use fat quarters and fold them in half. Line up the edge with the top.


Step 11: Put another piece on the bottom half.


Step 12: Trim the excess off, and use an overcast foot with a blanket stitch to secure the entire pillow on the edge.


Step 13: Shiver with anticipation because we are done with the sewing part!


Step 14: Flip it inside out!


Step 15: Spray it with some water and use a hard bristled brush to agitate the fibers!


Step 16: You have a gorgeous chenille pillow!


The more you wash it, the better the fibers will separate and the better it will look!


  1. Dennis Faber says:

    The is some instructions missing on this tutorial. When you draw the lines what degree are they drawn? That is very important information that will make it work or not?

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