Quilting Secrets, tips, And Tricks : Pinwheel Blocks

Today, I’m going to show everyone how to make a pinwheel block that is very simple!


Follow the jump to see how!

What you’ll need are two squares of fabric. For this I used two 5 inch squares.


Put the front of both sides together. Right sides touching each other.


Sew all around the squares with a quarter inch seam.


Lay the sandwiched piece fat and cut on the diagonal.


Then Cut it perpendicular keeping the pieces together.


Press open the seams from the squares.


You’ll now have 4 squares of equal size.


Lay the pieces out to make a gorgeous pinwheel.


Sew them together, and now you have a perfect pinwheel block!



  1. Carol Olson says:

    tried this method but DO NOT like working with squares with 2 bias sides! try to keep squares as square as possible in less you are going for wonky or modern. I know Jenny Doan does this method as well as 3 guys, if it works for you and your comfortable with it use it. Quilting is all about what works for you. Keep Quilting

    • Jerry says:

      Carol, when I work with this method or any method requiring an open bias I starch the heck out of that fabric/s first. It keeps those bias edges from stretching too much.

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