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I’m Watching Awkward For Inspiration!


I’m sitting at my desk going over my schedule for the next two weeks. Trying to figure out when I’m doing interviews for this blog. I have two people lined up, and one of them in quite busy,, and then I’m trying to make some of my previous posts into series because of the positive response I’ve gotten thus far. I’m also going over some of my project schedules and website publicity work. I’m still trying to make this place popular.

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Confessions of a Quilt-aholic – My Stash

As I sit in bed watching MTV’s Awkward on my laptop, after a failed attempt to go to sleep, I stare at my totes full of fabric. I think about how I got the fabric. Being a broke college student, quilting is quite an expensive hobby, but since I don’t go to bars or anything like that I never feel too bad about my fabric shopping exploits. However, most of my fabric I didn’t buy from the store. I buy a lot of it on craigslist when people are clearing out their stash. I also got quite a bit as a gift from a very kind woman who just wanted me to have it. In fact I think the backing I used for Miss A’s Quilt came from her. It was such a kind gesture and I’ll always be grateful for it, and that is one of the reasons I try to give back with my quilting to organizations such as Quilts of Valor. So as I gaze upon these totes I can see hundreds of possible quilt tops, and it’s honestly a little overwhelming. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I quilt in a manic state… or maybe, I’m just manic. Continue reading

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