I’m Watching Awkward For Inspiration!


I’m sitting at my desk going over my schedule for the next two weeks. Trying to figure out when I’m doing interviews for this blog. I have two people lined up, and one of them in quite busy,, and then I’m trying to make some of my previous posts into series because of the positive response I’ve gotten thus far. I’m also going over some of my project schedules and website publicity work. I’m still trying to make this place popular.

I was never popular in high school, but maybe I’ll be popular here! After all, it is my forum. So as I’m typing this and going over my schedule I’m watching MTV’s Awkward… again. It’s one of my favorite teenage-exploit shows. Even though it has actors in their early to mid twenties playing student, and actors only 5 years older playing their parents, it’s amazingly awkward! Clearly stylized after it’s name, the show is beyond awkward! It has happy, sad, and plenty of awkward moments. I mean, it constantly makes me want to turn away from the tv and shield my eyes from whatever debauchery is being displayed.

The show is so awkward, it makes me want to look away from it, and back at my sewing machine. This happens for 2 reasons! 1) The show is so awkward I have no option but to look away. 2) The show is very stylized esthetically and it is inspiring with color ways. The show takes place in an upper middle class suburb in California, and everything is beautiful! Much like Mad Men, the style is rather inspiring.

Now, it has been about 6 years since I was in high school, but I don’t remember the kids being that well dressed, or that unsupervised. I think it’s rather scandalous and I have to admit, it is one of my guilty pleasures. You know what, to hell with it! It’s one of my pleasures! I Don’t feel guilty about it one bit… because the show is just that awesome! So, any of you younger quilters should be checking out this show, because it is quite awesome!

Take for example this pallet of cooled earth tones and around a background of blues and greens! I love it!

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