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Damien’s Quilt is Done!


I just got home, and the first thing I did was pull this beauty out of the dryer! How gorgeous it is! I was bummed at first because I really wanted to do a bright blue binding, but the blue I had n mind I was about 6 square inches short on, and so I had to change my plans! So, instead, I used a green fabric that pops up a few other times in the quilt and I think it really just makes everything pop!

For the backing I went with a nice plaid I had lying around. It’s very comfortable, and it’s really dull and plain, which is a nice contrast to the top of the quilt, being very saturated and bright! I really love the contrast! I also like the way the green binding hits the colors of the backing! I used a nice burgundy thread on the top, and a black thread on the bottom to fade into the plaid. I’m overall very happy with the way it turned out, and now I get to give it to my nephew the next time I see hit! I really hope he’ll like it!

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Quilting On Damien’s Quilt Done!


I finished the quilting on Damien’s quilt just now, and I love it even more! I stuck with an asymmetrical theme, since the quilt blocks themselves are rather asymmetrical. I stitched in the ditch along the grid of the quilt and then randomly around other pieces that comprise the blocks. It turned out very nice! I’m sure if I’ll have the time to put the border on, but I just may be able to before the festivities of the evening.

I just wanted to update everyone in case I didn’t have a chance to later. If I do get the binding on in a timely manner, I will straight away through it in the wshing machine, and then post pictures when I come home! I’m so excited to share it with everyone, and even more excited to give it to the little man himself!

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What Music Should I Quilt To?

I don’t know about all of you guys out there on the internet, but I really like to listen to some rock while quilting. It goes with the fast pace of the needle hitting the fabric, and I can hear it over the sound of my sewing machine! So for today, I think Linkin Park shall be the music of choice while I quilt this top down!

What does everyone else like to listen to?


Linkin Park

What To Do Today?

Well, it is Independence Day, and I’m free for the first half of the day! So, my question is… What should I do? Should I quilt a quilt top, or make a new quilt top. I could quilt something down today, but my friend is teaching me how to quilt on her APQS longarm, so do I really want to do it on my brother, where it wouldn’t be as fancy, or as easy? I could also make a new quilt top for the next person on my list. Currently there are two people tied for that spot, with my old neighbors half finished pondscape, and my best friend’s Legend of Zelda themed quilt for his birthday! Too many choices!

One thing is for sure! I will not be taking the day off! I’m free until 6, and must complete something by then!

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