What To Do Today?

4 Jul

Well, it is Independence Day, and I’m free for the first half of the day! So, my question is… What should I do? Should I quilt a quilt top, or make a new quilt top. I could quilt something down today, but my friend is teaching me how to quilt on her APQS longarm, so do I really want to do it on my brother, where it wouldn’t be as fancy, or as easy? I could also make a new quilt top for the next person on my list. Currently there are two people tied for that spot, with my old neighbors half finished pondscape, and my best friend’s Legend of Zelda themed quilt for his birthday! Too many choices!

One thing is for sure! I will not be taking the day off! I’m free until 6, and must complete something by then!


One Response to “What To Do Today?”

  1. Elaine July 4, 2013 at 12:05 pm #

    I find it very rewarding doing the quilting; and finishing one up. Then I don’t feel so bad starting another.

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