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Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: Sewing Through Depression

I have a confession: I have depression.


I was diagnosed with depression about 2 years ago, and up until last year I never really had anything that made me very happy. That was the case until I found quilting. I think there is something therapeutic about watching the sewing needle pierce fabric thousands of times, and not to mention beating down corner seams with a mallet to get them to lie flat. I find the entire project therapeutic. I get to watch something I make go from a pile of fabric to a gorgeous quilt. I think each step of the process really helps me get out of a slump, and even pushes me towards being happier in general. That’s actually part of the reason I started this blog.

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How Large of a Border Should I Add?


Now that I am finished with the body of this wall hanging quilt, I just need to know what kind of border to add to it. I was thinking the same pansy print fabric that is in the quilt, but I’m not sure. I also can’t seem to make up my mind on how wide of a border. Any suggestions?

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Polyester Thread: Friend or Foe?

Tales of polyester thread have been spun all over the internet. Some of them, are ridiculously false, and some of them, I have no idea if they are true or not.

I was recently reading a book on rotary cutting, and the author says that polyester thread will cut through your quilt and will ruin it. I thought to myself, “that’s bleeding ridiculous”, and I call shenanigans! Think about that for a second. Would polyester thread cut through your cotton quilt? No! I instantly thought about a shirt or blouse. I have plenty of cotton shirts with polyester thread, and I highly doubt that any amount of stress a quilt will be under would be far less than the seam on the sleeve of the one of my work shirts. Think about a silk blouse. This clearly isn’t true! I know there are quite a few people who hate all things polyester. I’m not saying I love the fabric, but the thread is nice in my opinion! Continue reading

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