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The Background is cut!


Hooray! The background is all cut, and tomorrow I shall begin work on the foreground! I have the yellow and gold fabric picked out, I just need to piece it all together, and make the multi-piece blocks! That is just a little too much for today. Mainly because the neck hurts from leaning forward while sewing, so I’m going to kick back for the rest of the evening with my roommate and watch some Drop Dead Diva. I’m excited! Not sure what I am more excited for though. This quilt, or Drop Dead Diva. Hmmm?

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Zelda Quilt Has A Background!


I started the piecing of the background for the Zelda quilt for my best friend TJ. It is his birthday in August, so I’m in no hurry, but the sooner I knock out the top, the sooner I can get it off of my mind. For the background I decided to do shades of Green, Brown, and Black. I really think they are blending together quite nicely. The pictures aren;t the greatest, because I don;t have the best lighting in my basement, but I can assure you, it is going to be gorgeous!

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Picked A Border For Miss A’s Quilt


As everyone knows, I did the body of the quilt 2 days ago. Since then I have had a hard time picking out what color to do for the border. At first, I wanted something that would tie in with the colors already in the quilt. Then I thought I really didn’t want something to take away from the center, so I had to scratch that idea. Then I thought I might do black, but then I remembered it was for a toddler, so maybe stay away from the black. Then I thought about doing this smokey violet, and I fell in love! I hope that everyone else likes it as much as I do

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Things to do today…

On the docket for today, I have to put a border on Miss A’s quilt, and then I have to start the top for my best friend’s birthday. He is getting a Legend of Zelda themed quilt, and I know he’ll love it! I found this pattern online, and I plan to work the hell out of it! For the bird I am going with golds and yellows, and then for the background I’m going with blacks and greens. I know it will be fabulous!

TJ's quilt

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