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City Grown Colors

My friend Cecile Lewis, who is a prominent quilter and natural dyer in the Minneapolis area just started her own natural dyes blog! It’s called City Color! Everyone should be checking it out! It’s not finished being set up yet, and her actual launch will be announced here with an interview! I know I’m excited! She’ll be talking about natural dyes, and how she grows a lot of them herself. I know indigo will be one of her favorite topics! Anyways, everyone keep an eye out for her interview this weekend on here!

The Pond is Almost Done!


I’m almost finished with the Pondscape quilt top. I finally finished sewing the diamonds together, and I put on the border. On two sides, the border is a mind green, and on the other two, we have a faux-indigo shell patterned fabric. I did this to show the difference between the pond water, and the grassy shore. I still have some applique to do to tie the pond together. I’m going to do a few lily pads, and some flowered diamonds to just make everything pop out a little bit more! I’m really excited to quilt this, but that might not be for a week or so. I just have about 3 other projects that are pressing, but we’ll see. The winds of favor might blow over the pond water and motivate me! Who knows!

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