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I Pulled The Pond Out Of The Dryer!

So, last night I was able to get the binding on, and all I can think about is how I desperately need a new machine. I love my Free Westinghouse, but it is so slow compared to my Brother. Something that would typically take me only about 30 minutes took almost an hour! Although I did order my new Janome, and it will be in my clutches by Friday! Too bad I have craft shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so Monday I will break it in! I’m thinking maybe I’ll quilt my King Size quilt that I made for myself. It was the first quilt I ever made, and I kind of want it now that the weather is getting colder. Although, it was in the 40’s today. Not bad for December! Anyways, back to the Pond. I washed it and then threw it in the dryer, but then had a doctor’s appointment, so I had to leave before it was done. All I could think about when I talked to my Psychiatrist was, ‘I hope the stitches look nice and the fabric poofs a little!’ Needless to say, it did! It looks fabulous, and I plan on giving it to her later this week!


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I’m Quilting The Pond…

I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who recently, and I feel like Amy Pond and I could have been good friends! Speaking of Ponds, I’m going to be quilting the Pond Quilt for my old neighbor. She was the one who hemmed my communion pants when I was in second grade, and I cannot wait to finish it and give it to her for Christmas! Hopefully I’ll finish the quilting today! It’s only a 75″ by 55″ throw, so I might even get around to the binding today! Wish me luck!

I Decided Against The Lilypads


As I was appliqueing on the last few diamonds to pierce through the border, I realized, I really don;t want any lily pads on it. I’m not sure why, maybe I think they’ll make it too busy, nut I just decided against them. I decided to stick with the diamonds I appliques on and then that will be it.

I did decide to add them to pierce through the border, just to kind of tie it all together. If I had any of the fabrics from the center left, I would have used one of them to make to border, but I worked with what I had, so I put a few diamonds piercing through the center of the quilt and breaking out into the border. I feel like it really gives it some dimension and I really like that! I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt it, but I’ll figure that out eventually. I’m not sure if I want to accent the appliqued diamonds, or if I just want to quilt over them to make them fade into the rest of the quilt. I’m open to any suggestions people may have!

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The Pond is Almost Done!


I’m almost finished with the Pondscape quilt top. I finally finished sewing the diamonds together, and I put on the border. On two sides, the border is a mind green, and on the other two, we have a faux-indigo shell patterned fabric. I did this to show the difference between the pond water, and the grassy shore. I still have some applique to do to tie the pond together. I’m going to do a few lily pads, and some flowered diamonds to just make everything pop out a little bit more! I’m really excited to quilt this, but that might not be for a week or so. I just have about 3 other projects that are pressing, but we’ll see. The winds of favor might blow over the pond water and motivate me! Who knows!

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Working On My Pond


Everyone remembers my Pondscape Project, right? After taking a monster nap today I decided to get back to work on sewing! I broke out this beast. I have had it part way done for almost 6 months now. I started it, and I got overwhelmed by it. I don;t know about the rest of you, but every now and then I start to second guess my work about halfway through. I thought I cut the diamonds a little too large, and I felt like they would have blended better had I gone with a smaller diamond. Now that I am almost done with the top – I think I did okay. Could the diamonds be a little bit smaller…. maybe, but I really like it the way it is now. Like I said before I’m making this for someone special who I recently reconnected with. One of my fondest memories of her is when she hemmed and ironed my communion pants for me. Now I get to give her this soon. One sewing project for another. I really hope she likes it!

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