I Pulled The Pond Out Of The Dryer!

So, last night I was able to get the binding on, and all I can think about is how I desperately need a new machine. I love my Free Westinghouse, but it is so slow compared to my Brother. Something that would typically take me only about 30 minutes took almost an hour! Although I did order my new Janome, and it will be in my clutches by Friday! Too bad I have craft shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so Monday I will break it in! I’m thinking maybe I’ll quilt my King Size quilt that I made for myself. It was the first quilt I ever made, and I kind of want it now that the weather is getting colder. Although, it was in the 40’s today. Not bad for December! Anyways, back to the Pond. I washed it and then threw it in the dryer, but then had a doctor’s appointment, so I had to leave before it was done. All I could think about when I talked to my Psychiatrist was, ‘I hope the stitches look nice and the fabric poofs a little!’ Needless to say, it did! It looks fabulous, and I plan on giving it to her later this week!


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