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Almost Done Quilting



I’m almost done with the quilting on this, and I will finish it up in the morning. My vision is starting to get a little blurry, so I guess that is my body telling me to go to sleep! Before I get in bed though, I did just want to update everyone with the progress!

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After Smashing My Toe…

After smashing my toe with a 1946 Singer 66, also known as the Cast Iron Devil, I’m always very wary of moving that machine. I was picking it up off of the floor, and my hand slipped and it fell on my big toe. OUCH! Anyways, it was on my table as I was piecing my special mystery project, but now I’m working on quilting this commission, and I cannot wait to post pictures of the finished project!


The Past And Future 24 Hours

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I was at a friend’s graduation.  However I did manage to do some work, I was working on my turquoise, purple, and earth tone quilt. I did get a lot of strata sewn together! I went and picked up my mail and got the quilt I am stippling for someone. I also designed a Tetris quilt for a client, and once I make it for him, the pattern will be up on Etsy. I’m just a busy little beaver! Here is a picture of the quilt that someone else made, and I’m just doing the quilting on!

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