Daily Archives: December 9, 2013

I Got My Janome

I’m just so happy I could die! I got it today! I went and picked it up, and I’m just so excited! I’ve already been sewing on it. I’ve been making a binding for the Square Spiral quilt, and I’m just in love with it! I just ordered more feet for it. A darning foot, and a walking foot, and an assortment of other feet! I’m just so in love! we are already best friends!


Put The Border On!!!

So, I’m tragically in love with this quilt, and it has to leave my possession as soon as I quilt it, which is sad, but I’m happy it will be in a good home! The border really brings out the quilt pattern and I’m really digging it! I like the colors, and it makes me want to replicate one for myself, but unfortunately it is not on my list of top 5 quilts I want for myself, so it could be years before I do it for myself. We shall see though! I’m feeling rather inspired!

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