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Cleaning Out My Book Marks!

How to make your own cone thread stand … Angie Padilla

Turn fabric scraps into yardage … The Sewing Loft

Creative ways to re-purpose old stuff … 123 Creative

5 Tips for teaching a child to sew … Dukes and Duchesses

Kyle Thompson self portrait photos are awesome … Viral Nova

Colorized historical photos can make the past seem not so far away …  Imgur

Life hacks from 100 years ago … Imgur

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Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Have I Reached My Zenith?


As I sit here pondering quilt designs, I cannot help but think about the one question all artisans ponder: Have I reached my Zenith? I’ve blogged about running out of inspiration before, but this is a slightly different topic. Is my best work behind me?

I feel like a lot of artists / artisans go through this phase, where they are scared that their best work is behind them. I feel like with ‘Frozen Star’ I have reached one of the best things I could have ever done. I love that quilt, and a lot of other people do as well. What if in the past 18 months I have already accomplished my best work? What can I do? Do I power on, and keep trying, or do I become content with that and just continue working knowing that my best is past? Continue reading

Pieced My Backing For My Zelda Quilt

I was looking for some backing fabric and I stumbled across a stash of flannels from a garage sale where I bought 3 boxes of fabric. I had to use three different colors, but i got my backing made and I feel tired and dizzy at the moment, but possibly later tonight I will pin the quilt. I do hope to pick out a dinding and at least have that cut and pieced together. One can only hope!

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