Daily Archives: December 1, 2013

Some E Cards To Start Off The Week!

It’s Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Here are some E Cards to see you through the uphill battle of life resuming after Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy!

I’m Still Sad About My Machine Dying, But…

That means I get a new one. I was thinking about a Janome, because there is an inexpensive one that I want, and I think it would suit my needs rather well. It’s called a Janome 2212. I’m still getting my Mother’s machine, but I kind of want a cheap workhorse to use for quilting. I think it will be a nice machine, and I know Janome makes good quality machines, and I just can’t wait to get one, I’m going to still be looking to see if I can get anything good on CyberMonday, but if I cannot find anything that tickles my fancy tomorrow, I’m going to buy it! I can’t wait!


I’m Getting My Mom’s Machine!

My Aunt just emailed me and asked if I would like my Mother’s sewing machine. I instantly replied that I would call her after dinner! I am so happy! To be honest, I forgot what kind of machine it was, but I’m just so happy to have it! I’ve been plugging away all day on my Free-Westinghouse. In fact I just finished the quilting on this! This is actually for a friend of my Mother, who lived 3 doors down from me when I was young. She was the woman who did the hem on my communion pants. I’m so excited to give this to her!

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