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I’m Ready To Get quilting!

I’ve just gotten home from dinner, and now I’m ready to pound this quilt out! I’ve got my Camp Snoopy Glass, and 4 cans of diet coke! I can do it!


Interlocking Columns, Formally Know As Square Spiral

Interlocking Columns, formally know as Square Spiral is over half way done. I’ve just been so busy this past week, but after dinner today I have to buckle down and have this finished by tonight. Here it is so far. I still have to finish with the green, and then the cream and the brown. I’ve got about 2 more hours worth of work, and that is not including the binding and blocking. Then tomorrow I hvae to make an entire quilt. I have the fabric cut, but I want to piece it all tomorrow, and then quilt on Friday morning, and have it in the mail by Friday afternoon!

Wish me luck!

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I Got A Christmas Present


I got a package in the mail today!!!! At first I was very confused. I looked at the packing slip and it said Joann Fabrics. I was really confused. I hadn’t ordered anything from them, and then I noticed the Gift Message on the receipt. It was from my Aunt and Uncle. They had sent me a roll of Warm and Natural Quilt Batting! It was the most thoughtful gift ever! I was so excited, I ran up stairs with it, and almost took it out of the box, but then I thought, “No Eric! Finish this other quilt first! Then play with your new batting!” So, I want to take it out of the box and play with it, but I’ve got to finish this quilt I’m working on. I didn’t get home until really late last night, so I didn’t do any work then, and then I had therapy this morning, so I’m about to hop back on it, and then I’m going to dinner with my old neighbor! I’m so excited!

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