Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

Started The Blocks



I started the blocks for the commission, and I’m digging it! I have 35 more to go, and all of the sashing. Wish me luck, maybe once this headache passes, I’ll be able to get down to work hardcore!

My Latest Commission

I recently got a commission where a woman dropped off 7 yards of fabric, and said she wanted a queen size quilt. I thought, that it would be cutting it close, and sure enough it is. It will be 85 by 90 inches, and barely making the queen cut off. I was up late last night working on a design, and I got one I like! I’ll post the progress that I’ve made later today, but here are the fabrics she got me.

Breakfast of Champions

I woke up late, which is no surprise considering I was up until 5am working on a pattern for a commission. Well, as soon as I woke up, I needed to run some errands. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so right now I’m eating a croissant and some hummus I bought at the grocery store. So as I sit here in the parking lot, I can only assume that this is indeed the breakfast of champions!

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